Meteor Turns One

Meteor Turns One 


Meteor’s first trip around the sun as a business can coincidentally be compared to running a marathon. There were times we rolled ahead of pace, and other times where we hit a wall and struggled. While it is fun to share the“PR days”, no one gets to see the times where the true growth is made. Just like running, business ownership is a process that requires consistency, yet is so rewarding when small pieces come together to have a pronounced impact.  


In our developmental phases and creating missions, owner Kelsey Beckmann knew she wanted to heavily focus on a clear niche, the sports and fitness community. With freedom of owning a business comes great responsibility. However, losing the fear of upsetting a boss or having to work within others’ limitations has allowed Kelsey to develop innovative methods that create the most change and motivation within Meteor Members. Kelsey believes that having the space to get her hands dirty as a business owner has resulted in a world of limitless possibility for Meteor. Our first year would have not been made possible without the support from key family, friends, community partners, and 105 Meteor Members added within the first year.

As a way to reflect on the first year, owner Kelsey shares her biggest takeaways:


I. Diet Culture’s current moment shows up BIG in this niche.


In the past year, Meteor has heard loud and clear that many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are purely motivated to shrink their bodies. That means that this group is highly susceptible to absorbing reckless, inaccurate information that is not backed by scientific data, and enters destructive to relationships with food. More times than not, we spend time encouraging clients to restore their relationships with food and giving individuals permission to fuel their body. Diet culture is insidious, and often Meteor prospects do not even realize they are impacted by messages about health, body, or food. 


While debunking diet culture is not a mission that Meteor can take on alone, we look forward to building our support system with other professionals that can combat this widespread issue. We will continue helping our members to fuel in the most effective, safe ways to reach their goals.  



II. Learning how to build a system that works vs. listening to the needs of clients and responding.


Having a niche that fits our expertise has allowed us to grow close to our clients and alter our services as needed. Coming from a place of wanting to make a difference, instead of merely just wanting to make money, has been the biggest difference maker for owner Kelsey. She has experience within other practices where making a difference has not always been the top priority. The ability to authentically connect with members and celebrate results has made for a more enjoyable space for everyone.



III. Value of partnership.

 Meteor’s strong first year wouldn’t have been done without collaborative partners. Relationships with coaches, healthcare providers, universities, gyms, and retail spaces have allowed Meteor to engage with others who enrich our work. In the first few months, many of these people were the backbone and confidence behind the scenes. Kelsey is thoroughly excited to innovate with these groups to allow a community to grow, expand, and excel in the next year!



So what’s next? In year two, we look forward to having a central location, launching more meal prepping resources with organized app grocery planning features, writing more blogs, and Kelsey will also officially become a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietitian (CSSD) to better serve her members. 


Kelsey would like to especially thank all of her members that have been wonderful to work with, as well as the special people behind the scenes who have made us who we are. 







Kelsey Beckmann