Meteor Nutrition blends scientific knowledge of how nutrition affects the human anatomy with experience based solutions to help you compete and live at the next level. Here is what we offer:


Personalized 1:1 Nutrition

There is no one size fits approach when deciding what is the best nutrition plan of care for you. As individuals , we all have  specific needs that require a personalized intervention. Components such as your health background, diet history, current food habits, and health or athletic performance goals will all determine what will be the best course of action for you. 

Meteor Memberships

If personalized 1:1 nutrition is too big of a step, or you just want some ongoing health and nutrition inspiration, subscribe to Memberships that are available with Meteor!

Meteor Silver Members: $15 monthly

 Tired of eating the same meals all the time?  Let Meteor give you some delicious inspiration! Receive four nutritionally balanced recipes with a respective grocery list every month to spruce up your weekly routines. All recipes will be emailed out upon sign up, then with every preceding month you will receive recipes on the 1st of each month. 

Meteor Gold Members: $24 monthly  

Are you lacking nutritional structure in your day? Every month, receive a  7-day meal plan that includes three nutritional balanced meals and two strategic snack options per day. Each meal that requires a recipe will have one included with a grocery list to make your shopping experience streamlined. Substitution notes will be indicated to consider vegan/ vegetarian and gluten free members. Note that this membership subscription does not consider specific nutrient needs, food preferences, or timing of nutrients of individual members. If you are interested in more specific nutrition services, you are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation with Meter Nutrition where your individual needs can be assessed and a more specific plan can be developed to meet your personal health, fitness, or performance goals.


Group Presentations

Have a nutrition topic that a group setting would all benefit from hearing? Let Meteor Nutrition develop and deliver a presentation to meet the group’s needs.