About Meteor Nutrition


Meet Kelsey
▶ Owner of Meteor
▶ Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist
▶ Elite runner, 2020 marathon olympic trials qualifier

Meteor Nutrition arose after lifelong athlete, Kelsey Beckmann RD, LDN  wished to pursue her passion for the impact of nutrition on the human body in motion. Kelsey grew up playing competitive soccer, and eventually ended her career as a D1 soccer player to transform into a distance runner who since has qualified for the 2020 marathon olympic trials. Through several instances of her athletic background, she felt the ebbs and flows with nutrition on performance.  She knew she was destined to help other athletes benefit from the implementation of optimal nutrition. Aside from working with ambitious athletes, Kelsey has worked in the clinical arena with a multitude of different medical complexities.  Having a variety of different experiences in dietetics has given Kelsey the necessary tools to allow wholesome food heal and fuel the remarkable human body. 

Meteor Nutrition propels active endeavors by developing optimal fueling strategies for the individual. We favor sustainable methods that nourish the most healthy, strong, and powerful bodies.

Meteor Nutrition loves science. In this day and time, there is plenty of readily available information on nutrition. We have the background and experience to provide the most safe and current  information that is evidence based and practical. One must realize, not every shooting star is the same. Therefore it is imperative that athletes are mindful and feed these differences appropriately. 

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