Optimal Nutrition for High School Athletes

Did you know most high schoolers are in their peak stage of growth and development? This requires more energy (aka nutrition) for successful growth, +some for fueling activities! 

It’s a reality, that a lot of high school athletes miss out on pivotal fueling opportunities by skipping meals and going into workouts and practice under-fueled. This can be detrimental to performance goals and health. Also concerning, we have a number of high school athletes that reach out that go several hours without eating, yet use supplements to attempt to change their body composition or offset their poor diet. 

If you are a high school athlete (or parent of an athlete) that complains of poor energy, inability to improve muscle mass, frequent injuries, or is just overall confused about what and when to eat, check out our guide , Optimal Nutrition for High School Athletes  🏆

Kelsey Beckmann