Not Another Sh*tty New Years Diet

Not Another Sh*tty New Year’s Diet  


Suddenly, its time to acknowledge 2018 has come to an end, although most of us have no idea what happened between September and now.  

It seems to be a big topic every year. Some people are pro, some are against, some flip-flop, but let’s get right down to it. Resolutions are not black or white, they’re not right or wrong and they’re not good or bad. For some people, a reset on January 1st may be exactly what they need, for others not so much. 



Now, there are statistics out there showing that a very small percentage of people actually stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. Some say it’s because resolutions are stupid, but what if we are just going about it the wrong way? 


As a dietitian, January tends to be a busy month. Everyone wants to be fit, lose weight, be healthy, etc. and as a nutrition expert, I applaud that! However, we find most people are setting unrealistic expectations for themselves. Meteor  wants to help you with all the above within reason, but I cannot help if you think we are going to fix a lifetime of diet choices in one month. A lot of health and fitness goals are accomplished over the long term. Believe us, baby steps are the way to go. It seems trivial now, but in 3, 6, or 12 months from now, you’ll be amazed by how far you have come. Overall, I like to get to the root of why are clients are setting these goals. If it is in order to establish new routines that will help them grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually- we can get on board with that. 


On a personal note, I know at the root of any of my new year’s ambitions,  knows that a life overhaul would never work for me.  Personally,  I am still easy-going, loud, energetic, athletic and empathetic. I still love wine, chocolate, and cheese. I still want more dogs and less laundry. I want to save money, but also travel the world.  I tell you this to show that some of the qualities are great, and some are just human. Regardless, these qualities are what make me who I am, and don’t plan on throwing any of this away.  


Therefore, I urge you all to stay the same you, and grow a little bit.  Find something that matters to you. Something that when you look back on in January of 2019 you are happy with the improvement of. Here is Meteor Nutrition’s top tips for growing your health and performance in 2019: 




  • Choose realistic and measurable goals:This year, strive to make goal oriented and measurable resolutions that focus on the process instead of the end result. Instead of selecting some unachievable and ambiguous goal, focus on something realistic that you can set your mind to. We are not talking Biggest Loser type weight loss patterns (10+lbs per week for multiple weeks is just not healthy or sustainable). We are talking lifestyle changes that set you up for success AND allow you to have your cake and eat it too.



  • Start small:Taking on too much is a common reason why so many New Year’s resolutions fail. Altering your normal behaviors dramatically is a sure way to derail your steps toward your goal. Instead, you should try to focus on small steps that will help you to reach your larger goal. We don’t all have to vow to lose weight, go on a Whole30 diet or “go keto”, exercise 5 times per week, quit this, that and the other thing. Instead, we can focus on small changes that will add up over time.


  • Don’t let small setbacks bring you down: One bad day doesn’t make you a failure. Setbacks and unforeseen circumstances happen all the time. Encountering a set back is another main reason why many people give up on their New Year’s resolutions. Instead of viewing a relapse or setback as a failure, view it as a learning opportunity. Maybe understanding what triggered the relapse will help you to avoid it from happening again. 


  • Remember that changes take time:The habits that you are trying to resolve are ones that you have likely been doing for years, so how can you expect them to change in a few weeks? Although a behavior change may take longer than you would like, making a commitment to change and sticking to it will help you to be successful in the end.



If you are looking for more personal assistance in the New Year to help facilitate these concepts and/ or improve performance, we have created 3-6-9 month 2019 programs that tailors interventions to the individual. Between personal meal planning that is dependent on personal fitness and performance goals ,5 day a week accountability, webinars, follow ups, grocery store tours, and more, Meteor is ready to establish sustainable habits with you.  If you are interested or have questions about 2019 programs, please email

Kelsey Beckmann